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Result Oriented Weight Loss Practices To help our clients achieve their fitness goals with use of holistic,
scientific, research-based approach and customized programs
which will suit individual needs.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals at the Best Weight Loss Center in Dubai

Losing weight is undoubtedly a challenging task, one that requires immense dedication, hard work and a lifestyle change. However, with the right guidance and integrated techniques, weight loss is fairly achievable. At Elite Body Home, we offer the most effective, proven, and specialized weight loss treatment in Dubai that includes various sets of exercises, diet plans and calorie management.

At our slimming center in Dubai, we provide a competitive, cognitive, and collaborative environment to invoke the passion and dedication to achieve your fitness goals and offer solutions for weight loss in Dubai that can help you build a healthier body and mind.

Benefit from Our Bespoke Weight Loss Treatments in Dubai

We understand that each body is unique, which is why at Elite Body Home, we build a fitness regime for you that is especially customized according to your fitness needs, body goals, health status and budgetary requirements. Not only that, but we also provide consultation and advice that help you understand the various factors that contribute to effective weight loss.

When you visit our weight loss center, you can expect the following:

  1. A meeting with one of our experienced counselors who will focus on listening to and understanding your requirements
  2. A full Body Composition Analysis to determine important parameters concerning your weight and body fat mass composition
  3. A meeting with our dietician/ physiotherapist/ personal trainer to assess your current health conditions and lifestyle.

At our center, you will get to benefit from multiple therapies along with physical exercises and access to a range of advanced machines that will ensure your weight loss / management goals are achieved.

Hands-On Physiotherapy Treatment to Improve Your Body’s Performance

Elite Body Home is home to a team of highly trained physiotherapists who are adept at performing physical fitness assessments and appropriately designing a customized exercise regime for each one of our clients.

We are here to help you alleviate body and enhance your body’s general performance if you are experienced ongoing pain. For this purpose, we use hands-on treatment and exercise prescription techniques. We also offer exercise rehabilitation programs that are focused on restoring the full function of the affected areas of your body. Our physiotherapist will help you gain back your strength in a controlled environment, thereby making it possible for you to achieve your weight loss goals!

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I developed a back pain during my extensive traveling in past year. EBH helped me walk straight again.


Umer Fateh

I lost around 5 KGs in 45 days. The slimming technology they use is very precise and reduces weight evenly over the body

Umer Fateh

Abdullah Hatim

Joined their fitness club for 3 months for a particular training, it went very well and must say I would join them again

Abdullah Hatim

Ayesha Majid

Impressed with their dietitian. She exactly knew my body condition and suggested the plan helped me gain weight and build strength

Ayesha Majid

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