Elite Slimming Center Fat Freezing Cycle Offer


Fat Freezing is an advanced fat freezing treatment that has gained immense popularity among people during the last few years.


Get the non-surgical combination of safe and highly effective 2 weeks slimming program.

Avail the following:
✅2 Fat Freezing sessions- Safely reezes and kills stubborn fat cells
✅ 1 Compression Therapy
– detoxify with 24 chambered Lymphatic Drainage therapy
– Reduces Water retention (Oedema)
✅2 Power shape II sessions- Best solution for saggy skin and full contouring

On the price of 5 slimming treatments, get the below sessions FREE
✅ 1 V-shape – Cavitation technology – fat and cellulite destroyer
✅1 Sculpting Pro- Muscle Toning with advanced Electromagnetic Therapy


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