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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric rehabilitation is defined as ages 0 to 14 years. It is about developing and enhancing function, as well as encouraging youngsters to learn new skills in order to achieve their functional activity goals.

Typical Symptoms and Disorders

Symptoms include difficulties keeping a posture, delayed milestones, and speech/swallowing issues-

• Spina Bifida Syndrome
• Delay in development
• Congenital conditions
• neurological disorder
• Brachial plexus damage and Erbs palsy
• Children’s orthopaedic condition
• Sports injuries in children
• The Down syndrome
• Disorders on the autism spectrum

Approach to Treatment

• Child in proper posture.
• Hypotonic or hypotonic muscles benefit from passive movement.
• Muscle elongation is achieved by stretching them.
• Using a therapeutic ball bolster to improve your core
• Using weight cuffs to increase muscular strength in a week muscle.
• The use of a balance board, trampoline, good posture balance, or any vestibular issue
• Use of therapeutic clay for grip and grasp development.
• Use of a walker or other walking aids for gait development as tested by the orthosis.
• Making children socially engaged through encouraging family and caregivers to decrease social stigma.
Recovery period

The patient’s progress is determined by the severity of the condition. Regular physiotherapy sessions and a solid home care regimen aid in speedier recovery.

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