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In the world of fitness, diet holds immense importance. We all know that weight loss depends heavily on diet, which is why it is so important to understand which foods to eat and how many calories to consume in a day to lose the excessive body fat and weight in a healthy way.

At Elite Body Home, we have an expert team of leading dieticians in Dubai who will understand your bodily concerns, eating habits and underlying medical factors, but also devise a fully customized diet that will help you lose weight effectively and safely. With a customized diet plan, you will receive the right amount of energy and nutrition that your body needs to stay in the perfect shape.

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Our DHA certified health coach is readily available to help you to:

  • Create a diet plan that is tailored to your physical condition, cultural and emotional needs.
  • Receive maximum health benefits without giving up your favorite food in conjunction with our slimming treatments.
  • Regularly monitor and modify your diet plan to ascertain that the desired results are achieved.

Acquire information pertaining to behavioral and lifestyle changes that can holistically support your fitness journey.

How many meals should I eat in a day?

To maximize weight loss, it is best to consume five small sized meals a day. This way, you will be able to control hunger and cravings, while burning calories easily.

Should I skip meals to lose weight?

Most people assume that skipping meals will help them burn fats. However, doing so will increase your hunger, thereby making you consume more food than you should in the next meal.

Do I need to follow a crash diet for weight loss?

We recommend a balance diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals by complete nourishment of your body with real whole foods.

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