Terms & Condition

1. Definitions

a) “Company”/” Center” shall mean Elite Body Home Slimming Center L.L.C. having its registered office at1st Floor, Office No. 117, Block B, Al Hudaiba Awards Building, 2nd December Interchange, Jumeirah Street, Dubai, UAE at which the Client has made the payment or at which the Client is seeking the services of the Company.

b) “Client” shall mean any individual, authorized representative of company/proprietorship or partnership firm/any other association of person or entity by whatever nature, who has paid the amount for services/packages to the Company

c) “Packages/Programme(s)” shall mean the services sought by the Client for a weight loss package/fitness package or similar services provided by the Center.


2. Hours of Operation

The Center will be open daily except on national and declared holidays. The Company reserves the right to alter opening and closing days of Center as necessary from time to time.

3. Rights and Liabilities of the Center

a) Fraudulent or deceptive information given by a client to secure a Programme will result in immediate cancellation of Client’s Programme, with no refund of money paid.

b) The Center shall have the right to close part or all of the facilities due to repair, renovation, maintenance, expansion of facilities or special events, without advance notice and to readjust the operating hours of the Center accordingly.

c) The Center shall have the right to alter, revoke, supplement or augment its terms and conditions as they see fit and shall make every effort to inform the Clients of all amendments.

d) In any event, the maximum overall liability of the Center in contract shall be limited to amount paid by the Client, after adjusting the administrative, service charges and all taxes due from the Client.

e) The Center is entitled to charge, vary, add, withdraw any services and/or all charges, discounts, surcharges, tariff etc. any time at its sole discretion for one or all of its clients except in the case of discount of other special benefits of schemes/plans announced by the Center from time to time and which are valid for specified periods.


4. Liability

a) Any person, entering the Center and availing its facilities/services must abide by the safety rules of the Center. The staff and center will not accept responsibility or liability for any injury or loss, including fatality or damage whatsoever to any person or their personal belonging if the routine staff standards are not followed by the clients and if such act is not caused to pure negligence.

b) The Company/Center does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to items, valuables or personal belongings brought into the Center. Clients do so at their own risk.

c) Vehicles parked in the car parks at/near the premises of the Center and all the contents in them are left at the Client’s own risk and the Company/Center or any associated Company or body will not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage (however caused) to them.

d) Client irrevocably agrees and undertakes to identify and to make good all losses, damages or injury(ies) whatsoever caused to the Center, its assets or representatives due to any omission or negligence of the client.

After expiry of the period of validity of the programme, the Center is not under any obligation to give services to the clients against this booking/Programme.  The validity period starts from the day of first session.

Client may exercise the right to freeze the package (where possible) provided prior notification is given to the Center. The freezing of the packages can only be done one during the package tenure and maximum for 6 months in case of males and up to 12 months for females in case of pregnancy or any major injury backed by medical records.

In case the client fails to notify the center within 15 days of absence from scheduled treatment appointment (“no show”) the center reserves the right to forfeit the particular session or in case of further prolong absence without any notification; the center cancels the remaining unused session without any refunds.


5. Safety and Hygiene

For reasons of safety and hygiene, Clients shall:

a) Refrain from using the Center whilst under the influence of alcohol, habituating drugs, or consuming a heavy meal before the session.

b) Not bring any kind of pets into the Center.


6. Conduct

a) The Center reserves the right to prevent entry to anyone whose behaviour or appearance is deemed by it to be unsuitable/objectionable.

b) Clients must show consideration for one another in and around the Center. In particular, profane or abusive language and the threat of use of violence will not be tolerated.

c) Clients must obey instructions and signs on display in the Center. It is the Client’s responsibility to read any information on the Center notice boards and to ensure that she/he abides by these notices and signs whilst at the Center.

d) Clients are not permitted to bring personal food and beverage items into the Center from outside.

e) Personal sound system will not be permitted into the Center.

f) In the unlikely event of there being any deficiency intimated by clients, the Center shall endeavour to rectify the same in a reasonable time.

7. Lost Property

a) Any lost property found must be immediately handed over to the Centre’s reception. Items found at the Center will be available for collection from the centre’s reception between 10AM and 6PM. Items will be held for a period of 4 weeks.

8. Jurisdiction

a) The validity construction and performances of terms and conditions herein shall be governed by the interpretation in accordance with the laws of Dubai and the UAE, the Center and the Client agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai – UAE.

9. Validity of Programme

a) Immediately upon receipt of booking amount, the Counsellor undertakes mobilization/lining up all the related resources of the company in terms of professional staff/time slot of appliances/consumables etc., required to discharge efficient services to its Clients within validity of the Programme.

b) The validity period as per requirement of the Programme will be agreed with the client at the time of onboarding. It is in the interest of Client to seek the requisite services within the validity period of the Programme, failing which the unexecuted Programme/Package will expire and no services will be rendered against the party or fully unexecuted Package.

c) Payments received by the Center against the booking and/or Center cannot be held responsible for lack of achievement of intended results.

d) The counsellor(s) will prescribe definite schedule and plan for each package relevant to individual client’s requirements and the clients are required to follow such advices strictly, failing which the management cannot be held responsible for lack of achievement of intended result.

e) Number of sessions required may vary from Client to Client. The validity of the package will defer based on the type of treatment and frequency. 

10. Terms of Payment

a) All services rendered by the Company are provided on a non-refundable basis. Client agrees not to charge back any credit card payments for services rendered, regardless of the usage.

b) Payment of the services intended to be availed by the Client is payable in full in advance at the time of booking. Company may at its sole discretion accept token advance amount at the time of booking depending on the merit and circumstances of each Client.

c) Payment for services booked will not be cancelled.

d) Rates/prices are subject to change without any notice, prices/rates prevailing on the date of booking will be billed/charged.


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